Scientific reports of past grants

Science meetings

Science meeting 2896: Brigitte Buchmann
Symposium on Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics at Mountain Sites
Interlaken, Switzerland, 8 – 10-Jun-2010
Science meeting 3797: Dominik Brunner
Chapman Conference: Advances in Lagrangian Modelling of the Atmosphere
Grindelwald, Switzerland, 10-14 October 2011
Science Meeting 4772: Per Ambus
Science Meeting 4795: Petra Seibert
 Science Meeting 4847: Alex Vermeulen

Travel grants

Short visit 3144: Tiphaine Tallec
Measurement methods comparison campaign of CH4 emissions by grazing livestock
Short visit 3466: Florinda Artuso
Optimization of CH4 and N2O continuous measurements at Lampedusa ENEA station
Short visit 4230: Jaroslav Necki
Installation of Hydrogen monitor at Lutjewad station, Netherlands
Short visit 4231: Popa
Islisbergtunnel measurement and sampling campaign for studying vehicle emissions – Part 1
Short visit 4276: Popa
Islisbergtunnel measurement and sampling campaign for studying vehicle emissions – Part 2
Short visit 4299: Paulina Wach-Jankowska
Radon-222 flux
Short visit 4314: Simon Schallhart
Methane emission measurements of livestock
Short visit 4321:Miroslav Zimnoch
Intercomparison of two different radon monitors in the Mediterranean environment
Short visit 4317: J. Necki
Comparison of hydrogen flux measurements at Cabauw using static chamber
Long visit 3341: Maria Cabello Ganuza
Air mass origin and its influence over the parameters measured at Cabauw Tall Tower. Influence of the NAO index on the flow pattern
Long visit 3781: Michal Galkowski
Modeling of non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Concentrations at the High-Mountain Station Using a Lagrangian Emissions Model COMET
Long visit 4408: Hella van Asperen
Short Visit 6022:Sunitha Rao Pangala
Short visit  6159: Milan Vana
Short Visit 6161: Beata Szabo-Takacs 
Short Visit 6153: Alice Dvorská
Short Visit 6165: Pavel Sedlak
Short Visit 6165: Pavel Sedlak