The TTorch database service is open to all groups that want to use this facility to submit their observation data to a central location. The database has the following functionality:

  • submission for PIs will be made on a ftp server (login+password) at LSCE
  • PIs are encouraged to submit data format in CarboEurope IP standard format. This implies that LSCE does not undertake the processing of data submitted in other format. In this specific case PIs will be notified by mail and advised to re-submit their data in good format.
  • overview graphs (availability, quick looks, … ) will be made available,
  • data will be distributed using CarboEurope IP standard format VERSION 2 (example), which is a light improvement of the original format (mainly more info in the header file and data geolocalisation for each timestamp),
  • data distribution is limited to time series (no model or other products). These products are final and validated data. LSCE will not do QA/QC process, and will not deal with raw data.

The database is located at the lab of LSCE in Gif sur Yvette (F), and has been developed in close coordination with the CarbonEurope, GHGEurope and ICOS databases for atmospheric concentration data.